google adwords after suspension

What You Do After Your Google Adwords Account give Suspension Notification

Whom Should You Hire to Ensure Your Call Delivery? (If Frequent Account Suspension is Your Issue) In recent past while hosting an Adword account for one of our new client (center) we faced a Suspension after running successfully for 4 days! We were clueless as to where we went wrong as we always follow updated policies, best practices to ensure […]

facebook video marketing

Which Media is Performing Well for Video Content?

Facebook native videos generate 530% more comments than YouTube   Quintly’s latest study involves the analysis of 187,000 Facebook profiles and over 7.5m Facebook posts from January to July 2017. Alongside the discovery that 92% of these profiles used native video, it was found that Facebook native videos resulted in 530% more comments than YouTube videos. Cementing […]

digital marketing

Digital Marketing and Investment Forcast

5 Reasons Why It Pays To Forecast When Investing In Digital Marketing   Digital media have rightly been called ‘the most measurable ever’. Never before has marketing been so measurable or accountable. This gives us a great opportunity to forecast business outcomes from our investments in marketing activities which helps communicate our targets more confidently […]

seo & keywords

How To be Gentle with Keywords Yet Effective in SEO

How To be Gentle with Keywords Yet Effective in SEO A quick tip which always worked for me to get noticed through search The selection of your keywords is extremely important, to capture the interest of search engines by assigning keywords to each page of your website. Here are a few tips for selecting the […]

pay per performance


Pay-Per-Performance : The Future of Marketing? Performance based digital marketing is an ROI driven alternative to traditional ways of putting things in front of the targeted customers or viewers. Marketing directly has always been a way to grow any business opportunity. It comes with the benefit to segment, test & analyze the data available. Tracking […]

lead generation

Does purchasing business leads matter

Does buying quality leads matter to your bottom line If you are into a business where your revenue depends on conversions which is of course any call based business is. The make or break factor is the leads or calls of the potential buyers of the designated niche you are working on. Right? The following […]

crypto currency

Can Blockchain Technology Solve Digital Marketing’s Ad-Fraud Problems?

Today came across this interesting topic: Can Blockchain Technology Solve Digital Marketing’s Ad-Fraud Problems? It might still be early days for digital currency, but marketers are increasingly piggybacking on the rise of tender like bitcoin and applying those concepts to digital advertising. In a nutshell, they’re seeking a more transparent and efficient way of running […]

Guarantee of Satisfaction

How to guarantee a “Guarantee of Satisfaction” Let your clients know you’re listening.   Because digital marketing may be new to many clients, transparency about where their investment is going is essential. Show clients that your agency can provide a return on investment at a fraction of the costs they would accrue with an in-house […]