Your Customers are Right There Searching For Services You Offer. However are you available?

Be There with the Help of the Platform Google Provides.


Google My Business : When you search your business name on Google, check the “info box” that appears to the right of the search results for your business and confirm that words “Own this business?” do not appear. If you see those words, click on the “Own this business?” link while you are logged in to a Google account (usually Gmail) and begin the process of claiming your business.

Customer reviews : One of the ways that Google determines the quality and authority of a business is by the number of reviews on the internet for that business.

Mobile devices: Have you ever looked at your website on a mobile device? How does it look and what’s the user experience?

Social media: Whether you’re already active on social media or you have yet to get started, one way to figure out how to approach social media is by looking at what your competitors are doing.

Education: There is so much to know about digital marketing and it will continue to grow and evolve in the future. Take a little time throughout the year to educate yourself on the latest developments.

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