Digital Marketing and Investment Forcast

5 Reasons Why It Pays To Forecast When Investing In Digital Marketing


Digital media have rightly been called ‘the most measurable ever’. Never before has marketing been so measurable or accountable. This gives us a great opportunity to forecast business outcomes from our investments in marketing activities which helps communicate our targets more confidently and gives us and our colleagues more confidence.

But this is only the theory. In practice, we can miss out on forecasting for all sorts of reasons. Lack of time and lack of skills (either in your business or your agency) are the obvious culprits. If inertia stops forecasting, you are missing out on all of these benefits.

1. Targets are essential for planning.
2. Targets can be based on audience behavior
3. Best and worse case estimates can be defined
4. Realistic targets are motivating
5. You can have more confidence in your targets and adjust them as needed





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