Pay Per Call and do businesses really need to prefer this model of leads than conventional ones?


What is Pay Per Call?

Pay per call advertising is a type of performance marketing where advertisers pay publishers for the quality calls they drive to the advertiser.This boils everything down to a point where the pay is purely linked as per the performance of the marketing system leaving aside all tall promises from the marketing team which sometimes may not yield result. This performance linked payment model has really taken pace of late.

In a mobile world, where more customers connect over the phone, pay per call empowers performance marketers to tap into these valuable interactions to drive more customers, more revenue, and an increased ROI.

You can count on us on this front to deliver targeted calls for varies verticals across industry which are approved by SEM networks.

Pay Per Call

Our Experience in performance marketing suggest that there is no one size fits all marketing model for every campaign. PayPerCall gives Advertisers and Publishers vital options and filters, allowing them to target their ideal audience with laser precision. Our Pay Per Call services gives advertisers a wealth of targeting and tracking tools designed to make campaigns that scale. We set call quality pricing guidelines so that the price you pay for calls is based on the quality of the call. To know more about about services go here

Inbound Calls are the New Click to Advertisers

In Pay Per Call model of inbound marketing initiative the caller is already made warm with the website content where they land in from the search term for the niche product or services. They look for more information and so they call. This almost make the sale of 40%. With increasing use of mobile search for services in recent years, we have also made our efforts to make optimized content and landing pages responsive for both desktop and mobile screen sizes. studies show that phone calls can convert to revenue 10 times more frequently than web leads.