What You Do After Your Google Adwords Account give Suspension Notification

Whom Should You Hire to Ensure Your Call Delivery?
(If Frequent Account Suspension is Your Issue)

In recent past while hosting an Adword account for one of our new client (center) we faced a Suspension after running successfully for 4 days! We were clueless as to where we went wrong as we always follow updated policies, best practices to ensure the ROI from a campaign as well as to ensure the longitivity of the account. We never try to game the system. After much of the brain stroming we could figure the issue out and spoke with the representative at Google and put forward our case to re-review the account after rectificaton. 
The team at google was very responsive and we came out clean with the request and back in business in less than 2 hrs of time.

That really saved our day and we learned one new thing that though we have been in the same business of hosting and managing campaign for past 4 yrs in the same domain we need to still give great attention to small details which most of the advertisers ignores easily or unknowingly.

This probably set us apart from others while ensuring a sure delivery.

Below are few of the snapshots of the ordeal. We are happy that we stood up to our commitment to our valued client.

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